Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt

Interior design + Identity design + Visual concept + Styling + Branding + Communication

Vaeshartelt is a beautiful country estate in a beautiful landscape. This hotel has 84 rooms and is situated in an extraordinary location. Just a stone's throw away from Maastricht. The estate and the castle are at the heart of a green, dynamic and culturally rich region. In the middle of nature, but also in a bustling urban area with European allure. We are Dutch, but also a bit foreign.
For centuries many people have been enjoying Buitengoed Vaeshartelt. But time does not stand still. Over the centuries, Vaeshartelt has known many forms of appearance. It was always open to changes that time brought with it. The right to exist has remained.

The rich past forms the base for a wonderful future. It is a source of inspiration when making future plans..

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